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Just had 40.000 km maintenance...
on: September 26, 2013, 12:02:04 PM
... and guess what: no issues. The bike is one year old.

Up until now I had 2 (well, 3) warranty issues: head bearings replaced at 12K , front brake pads replaced at 12K because of leaking fork seals (which were not faulty but could not stand offroad work, solved by installing protective sleeves around the inner legs) and at 40K ir turned out that the inside of my headlight had some minor cracks, my dealer thought it was not normal so I got a new headlight.

It hasn`t used a drop of oil, the only signs of wear on the bike are tires, brake pads and foot pegs.  Up until now I had 5 sets of tires, I think my current set will last another 4K, I hope.

OEM delivered Pirelli Scorpions trail  0-5500 kms :Very sticky but fast wear. Perfect tire to goof around with when TCS is disengaged. Very predictable.

5500- 18600 km Conti Trail Attack 1: good tire, liked the mileage, a bit uncertain in wet conditions but when taking that into account a very decent tire.
Deze afbeelding is 720 bij 960 beeldpunten groot. Klik op de afbeelding voor het originele formaat.

18600- 26200 km Conti trail attack 2: Awesome tire in wet and dry, killer angles were possible. The wear was enough reason not to go by this one again. If I would ride less, this would be my favorite.

26200 - 35700 Bridgestone Battlewing:In dry very decent, in wet a source of uncertainty. I could `ve been sliding over tarmac in a few occasions with this one, clearly an outdated tire.

35700 - now: Dunlop TR91: very sticky but cupping fast and is showing a lot of wear now... Will not be continued. Next up is the Anakee or the Metzeler but given my poor tire mileage I`d probably better switch to road tires instead of allroad tires. I don`t like the look of road tires but up until now my boss doesn`t like the look of his bank balance after changing tires again...

Concerning fuel: he bike is doing a better mileage now than in it`s first 10K, when I behave I get about 5,5 litres per 100 kms, when I go sporty, it`s still about 6,5 to 7 litrs. Not thirstier than my previous  GSses which in itself is a bonus for me. Mileage with the large panniers is much worse though...


Points of warning: the maintenance interval of 12K kms is too long. Why? brake pads don`t last exactly 24K kms for instance, and dealers are to make sure that you can ride from service interval to service interval. They might opt to change your just over half worn brake pads just to make sure that you`ll manage to last to the next service interval. My dealer just said to monitor it closely, the pads are on the shelve and when they`re worn they`ll be replaced instantly. Same concerning head bearing, the first 12K interval is too long, they actually need to be checked/tightened sooner. That could have prevented my head bearings warranty claim. It`s silly though: the costs of replacing your brake pads too soon are higher in the long run than that extra 6k km service check.

Of course, it`s no hard core allroad bike. I found that out the hard way, my front rim is a bit crooked because of it. It makes the bike bounce between 40-55 kms/hr which is unfortunate because that is around the inner city speed limit here in the Netherlands. Durung wintertime I`ll have the wheel checked out and straightened. I think it`s mainly because of the shape (bend) of the spokes. The GS spoked rims have straight spokes which I feel makes the entire wheel sturdier, the CT wheel is just not as good I`m sorry to say.

Overall I`m a happy camper with this bike. Only once it had a rare starting problem where it took almost a minute to start. The rest of the time and kms were effortless. This is one hellova bike, really. It`s not what you call standard anymore, but changed to my needs. But that awesome V4 and flawless camshaft are still very much the same.
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Re: Just had 40.000 km maintenance...
Reply #1 on: September 26, 2013, 04:42:41 PM
Good write up, nice to see the miles going on a bike with no real issues  :031:


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Re: Just had 40.000 km maintenance...
Reply #2 on: September 26, 2013, 04:45:58 PM
Nice post! Something you didn't mention is the air filter. Scheduled to be changed at 24.000 km. But this is way to late. I changed my very very dirty OEM one by a K&N, and you really feel the difference!


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Re: Just had 40.000 km maintenance...
Reply #3 on: September 29, 2013, 06:17:13 PM
Thanks for the helpfull info, Allroadtoad.
In the next week or two, mine will have its first scheduled 12k maintenance. Will check on the brake pads and the head bearing.


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Re: Just had 40.000 km maintenance...
Reply #4 on: September 30, 2013, 06:40:17 AM
nice one  :047:
What do you mean it's raining....get ootside and ride the thing.