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Two Weeks In
on: September 20, 2013, 08:07:28 AM
It is two weeks since I picked up my CT and I have done about 350 miles so time for a quick update on how I am getting on.

First off, the engine. What a treat it is, it just pulls from nothing and it doesn't matter what gear you are in it just goes. It is smooth too with little discernible vibration.

The steering is good, not too fast but it tracks accurately and goes where I point it.

The Givi Airflow screen is excellent and I am very pleased to have found a screen solution at the first attempt. The long screen thread on the forum was a great help in choosing the Givi.

The suspension seems fine at the moment, but I will be taking advantage of a request for help by Nitron Suspension who are looking for a number of bikes to produce shocks for which they don't currently cater for. They have just done the rear shock on my wife's F650GS twin with low suspension and the way it works is they need a bike for a few days to develop the shock. What you get in return for loaning them your bike is a shock at no cost. If you want to add the remote hydraulic preload then you just pay half the cost of that (£100) so my wife has a brand new shock with ride height adjustment, combined compression and rebound adjustment and a hydraulic preload adjuster for £100.

It would be rude not to take up the offer :002:

Fuel range and economy is too early to comment on as I have only had to fill it up once so far, but I know it won't be as good as my GSA, but as long as a 200 mile range is possible that will do fine.

The only two things which I have found not so good are the seat comfort (but I am a big lad) and the left hand switchgear in relation to the position of the horn and indicators. I am still not happy with the arrangement, especially as the amount you have to move your thumb to operate the horn is far greater than if the horn was located in the usual position.

The seat can be easily sorted out so I am not worried about that.

So, overall, nine out of ten! :001:


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Re: Two Weeks In
Reply #1 on: September 20, 2013, 08:27:10 AM
Glad you like your new CT, The Nitron offer seems like a winner - let us know how it goes. As the miles go on the fuel economy will get better. You should get ~ 47 mpg average (depends on how you ride it) when it has loosened up.
Good summary of your first impressions  :152:


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Re: Two Weeks In
Reply #2 on: September 20, 2013, 09:04:50 AM
Good update, I'm at 450 miles on mine and the only thing I plan to change is the screen, ill be ordering an MRA xscreen in the next few days. Saddle seems ok so far, my longest non stop stint will probably be when I ride down to Dobles for its first service in a couple of weeks so ill see how it goes.
 That's a great offer from Nitron, very highly rated in the FJR world.



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Re: Two Weeks In
Reply #3 on: September 20, 2013, 08:25:15 PM
Have had my CT Highlander now since September 1st and am just coming up to 1000miles. So far extremely impressed with every aspect of the bike, especially the motor. Am getting around 45mpg which seems very reasonable  :002:

So far no complaints with comfort or suspension, although as I have no real experience of 'sportier' bikes (have mostly owned BMWs and HDs), my benchmark for what constitutes 'good' in relation to suspension etc is probably flawed!

In fact, in all probability, the CT's capabilities are considerably greater than my somewhat limited riding skills can exploit (despite my having 36-years experience) :021:

Overall, am loving this bike - really can't understand why it is not selling in much higher volumes!