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Anakee 3 update
on: September 20, 2013, 07:33:46 AM
3,240 miles and the rear is half worn it's kept a nice rounded profile with no squaring off but then I don't do any motorway miles all my riding is on Wales nice smooth twisty A and B roads.

The front has not faired as well with the right side starting to cup quite a bit, so much so that I'm now changing it and putting a Anakee 2 on.
My tyre fitter said they have seen this on a number of other makes bm's ktm etc he's recommended the A2 on the front as it has a softer side wall the theory being it'll flex more and not be so hard wearing on the tread. he's had good feedback from riders who have done this and they all report a more comfortable front with more feel and a good even wear pattern.

I had concerns on mixing the A2/A3 but he says they're a Michelin approved match.

Overall apart from the front wear I've been pleased with they're performance they're not in the same league as PR3's though
wet and dry grip is very good.

I wish now that I'd fitted PR3's but then they were a lot more expensive and I thought at the time that I'd get a lot more wear from A3's.
I'll report back with how the combo feels over the weekend.
Cheers Blu


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Re: Anakee 3 update
Reply #1 on: September 20, 2013, 07:53:53 AM
That is very poor wear for the front tyre. I have the Pirelli Scorpians on my CT which seem decent enough, but I have a pair of Conti Trail Attacks in the garage to go on when the Pirelli's wear out. I got great wear out of the Trail Attacks on my GSA as well as being impressed with wet and dry grip.