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rear prolink suspension linkage
on: September 16, 2013, 03:56:56 AM
have noticed that the rear shock prolink linkage has a tendancy too slide too the left hand side of the bike. When it moves that way the right hand side plate of the linkage rubs on the swingarm where the prolink is connected too swingarm. I dont think it will do any damage as there is no side force pushing it into swingarm but does leave a rub mark. Have removed linkage plates , bolts and spaces ect and all free to move no probs recentred every thing and when riding on road it seems too stay centered. When riding off road its seems too go too the left maybe when suspension is unloaded over bumps? As there is nothing that stops the linkage from moving left too right only the load from rear shock. Has anyone else noticed this or can u check the position of the prolink linkage does it sit towards the left or right up against swingarm or in the centre.


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