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Re: Comparison to BMW 1200GS
Reply #80 on: October 14, 2014, 12:54:33 PM
*Originally Posted by GADGET [+]
This guy, Steve Grover is a good indepenand for BMWs he is just outside Luton

+1 for Steve, he really knows his stuff. He is also a Honda trained technician and worked at Slocombes in Neasden for over 20 years when they were dealers for both Hondas and BMWs.


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Re: Comparison to BMW 1200GS
Reply #81 on: February 12, 2020, 09:23:12 PM
Anything new on this ?? BMW's are that unreliable?? Why did they stop making CT? Thanks.


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Re: Comparison to BMW 1200GS
Reply #82 on: February 12, 2020, 10:26:49 PM
*Originally Posted by Pcoz88 [+]
Anything new on this ?? BMW's are that unreliable??

You might find this a better place to ask about the GS....!
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Re: Comparison to BMW 1200GS
Reply #83 on: February 13, 2020, 11:20:08 AM
Having started this thread, I thought I'd follow up.

Since that first test of the CT and GS, I've been using my eVo4 (converted VF1200F).

But I was eventually still looking for more upright and more comfort and BMW launched the R1250GS. I had a ride on one and to be honest it blew away all thoughts of getting a CT. The new GS is simply superb. It has everything that I felt was lacking on the CT and even Honda have given up on the V4. I cannot fathom what they're thinking these days, but finally their last remaining V4 has been made obsolete. It's such a shame as I believe the CT could have been great and an obvious better choice then a GS. Instead they threw it into the market, already a bit sub-par in several respects and then rather than bring it fully in line with the competition, they let it fester with essentially NO updates during its lifetime. In the meantime, BMW have launched two entirely new redesigns of the GS.

Please, let's stop with the 60 year old engine design comments about BMW's boxer. By the same logic you could call Hand's V4 engine a 100 year old design. The fact they use the same engine configuration as the first ones of that type does not make them an old design. There's only a limited number of ways to arrange multiple cylinders and it's all been done before. The BMW boxer engine is far from being an old design and the new 1250 is a totally modern design and rather awesome.

I still have my eVo4, but it is in rather a sorry state after I was taken out by a van doing an ill-considered U turn right into me last year. Once the insurance is sorted, I will fix it up and still keep as I love the V4 and my eVo4 is unique. But, I am again in mind of an ADV style bike which boils down to a used CT or a new 1250GS and much as I will always love the CT, it is now too far behind the new GS. If Honda had continued with the CT and updated it to what it could have been, things would be different. But they didn't.  :023:

So my plan, despite concerns about reliability is to take the plunge on a new 1250GS this year. I just hope it doesn't let me down.
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