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First wet day ride
on: June 11, 2013, 09:14:02 PM
Went for a ride down to the Rallyman Rally in Grevillia NSW yesterday to check the place out and see how the boys are going. Didn't camp cause i have no room to carry all my stuff on the new bike. That will change once i've got the panniers.

Took the Lion road just for a change. Weather was reasonable but got ugly in the mountains. Was a bit damp through the clouds then it started to rain. The age old question, do I stop and put on wet weather gear or not.
As usual. Put it on after i got all wet. Big struggle putting it on over wet clothes. A couple in a car even stopped to render assistance that's how much trouble i was having. Also they commented  on the nice GS i was riding. They've never seen a white one before.

On the road again at a much slower pace. Very disappointed. Wet cattle grids are very slippery I found out going over them on an angle. Also there are four bridges left with timber boards. When wet you need to be at ninety degrees to the boards with no brake or acceleration. Can't risk them exposed bolts tearing you up as you slide over them.
Next stage....Potholes everywhere but only for the last ten or so k's.

Moral of the story is. If you're going that way go on a Sunny day cause in the wet it's scary.
This morning you could still see where my freckle was puckered on to the seat.

Sorry there's no pics...Been carrying a dead camera all weekend
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Re: First wet day ride
Reply #1 on: June 12, 2013, 06:34:06 AM
Sounds like an interesting day out:) At least you got out and about. Well done :089:
What do you mean it's raining....get ootside and ride the thing.