Author Topic: Second waranty issue in let's say 3 weeks time  (Read 1895 times)

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 Yes , indeed ....2 waranty issues on abouth 3 weeks time .... :155:

The first one :
The heating grips stopped working . Several months ago , sometimes they stopped  working , but alway returned working after a while . They stopped working most of the time after cleaning the bike , or driving in a wurse rainfall .
Has been replaced under warranty during the 12kkm service . :018:

The second :
Last tuesday , drove to work in a lot of rain . After the dayjob , went to my bike , turned the key ...dash lights up and headlight ...pushed the startbutton .....nothing ...completely nothing . Tested the emergency button ...been there done that  :164:.... Nope , no live ...
After work today , help on the road managed to find the problem ...its the starter relay who is broken ....
Never had  many issues with a bike untill now ...with a Honda ...hopefully its th last issue

Nevertheless ...its a great bike still ....untill the next warranty I guess  :745: :745:
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Re: Second waranty issue in let's say 3 weeks time
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I got rid of my MTS1200 because I didn't fancy owning it out of warranty but the ironic thing is that it never missed a beat. If only they were shaft drive :019: they would be perfect.