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Re: Objective View of Riding Ups and Downsides now Hoopla Passed
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2012, 08:41:48 PM »
Like GS Trev I came from years of BMW's, the last 7 being a 1200GS.

The front end on the BMW is superb and the Honda is very bouncy in comparison. Comfort I find is fantastic all day, can now easily do 200 miles in comfort where as before after 100 miles on the GS my arse was squirming around trying to get some feeling back into it.

The V4 is an absolute peach and you don't need anything else with this bike. Stay away from the Honda luggage which is overpriced, aftermarket is much better value.

Must haves for me are heated grips, hugger, fenda extenda and Givi V46 top box. I have ordered a set of engine bars and will no doubt add a bigger screen and the Hella MicroDE fog lights that I had on my GS. If I had the money just now I would add an Akro end can as the standard is very quiet and the V4 sounds superb with the Akro fitted.

Averaging between 45-50mpg so getting a 200 mile tank range easily.

Other than that it is a fantastic all round bike  :152:

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Re: Objective View of Riding Ups and Downsides now Hoopla Passed
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2012, 09:02:44 PM »
What i most would like was a perhaps easier to setup for when riding two up ... and then back to solo driver again. Something like an "ESA" as it BMW or Oehlins (?) has. ... "Now" you'd have to screw "in and out" from hand ... so who does it really ... but you'd have to.

But as i said ... over all .. for me it was ok. ... yet what i had couple of times when riding in the mountains .. sharp and fast ... suspension came to its limits (Mika said it above: bouncy... ) ... but then i might have been driving stupidly fast ... i mean after all CT is not a race bike  :114:

Full consumption on the lower end as low as 5.2L but easy goes up depending on driving style but i'd say an average of 6L with "my style" chasing her around a bit. ....
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