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2013 honda crosstourer for usa in black
« on: May 26, 2012, 03:30:05 AM »
dear forum

i love the way the crosstourer looks in pictures . i have a few questions please . excuse me if they have already been covered in this forum . will the crosstourer be offered in the usa ? will the crosstourer be offered in an all black color ? can the crosstourer luggage be purchased in an all black color ? will the crosstourer be offered with optional aluminum strut wheels instead of spoke wheels ? will the 2013 crosstourer be sold in the united states ? thank you for your feedback . i live in new york city . i would like to buy a 2013 all black honda crosstourer with cast aluminum black strut wheels and matching black oem luggage . thank you . i hope honda reads this ... my preferences could be a popular choice for potential customers in the usa .

new york city

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Re: 2013 honda crosstourer for usa in black
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 09:10:27 AM »
Hi and :400:.....  Your best bet for upto date info on the CT position in the USA is to check out the site     www.advrider.com             /forums /crosstourer,,,where you will see much wailing and knashing of teath as you are not getting it  (Well yet......if Honda have any sense)...In anwer to your questions...... Probably next year,they are struggling a bit to meet rest of the world demand......Mettallic black is a standard colour  and it shimmers in the sun!!....no  ,there is other black luggage out there which is better than and cheaper than Honda, it may be that the luggage is included when you get it ,then you could get it custom sprayed,that would look :062:There are no solid wheels , the spoked ones look gorgeous( BMW owners pay $1500 to have spokes!)    ....Again check out the Forum,it really  should be,,,you are missing out on one hell of a bike,get the DCT version  it would be magic in NY....Best to send your email to Honda ,lots of posters are ,,,,,,,you never know you may get it sooner....