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DCT clutch oil filter picture
« on: May 19, 2012, 03:21:54 PM »
From thread:

*Originally Posted by Mister B
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    ......Finally just another Honda moan...there are no clutch fluid filters available in the UK till 1 June  (unless someone knows something different) :232: :232: :232: :157: :157:  so my 1st service has been cancelled  and if I now put on excess miles it is at my own risk ,so the bike is cofined to the garage for 2 weeks ,,b---------r.....   A service will ......

    ojo answer:
    I been just with my mecanic on first service many weeks ago ... he did not have a clutch fluid filter ready (at the time) either ... BUT what he told me (and he is a very experienced ... been there done that kind of guy) ... so he told me that he would not at all worry about not to change the filter anyway. As it's just a small one that comes "after" the normal filter in the oil flow ... and its an "open" filter where you could see that it had no real soiling on it yet (1000km) .. sure nothing to worry about here i reckon.

    So for those interested here are some pics of the clutch fluid filter:
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